Were You at Paine Field Aviation Day?

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Mukilteo Dental

Our very own Mukilteo dental assistant, Linnea and her family went to Paine Field Aviation Day on May 18 where they saw hundreds of vintage, warbirds, and new aircrafts on display.

Paine Field Airport is home to more than 615 aircrafts, including Boeing’s new 747s. This airport saw the first flights of the first 787 Dreamliners and 747-8, making it home to many Boeing aircrafts.

Paine Field Airport is a unique center for aviation and historic enthusiasts where it collects a diverse range of aircrafts, which has become the ideal place to hold worthwhile events such as Paine Field Aviation Day.

Mukilteo Dental All day, Linnea and family saw these historic planes and witnessed thrilling flying demonstrations from talented air pilots such as:

  • Blackjacks
  • Skyraider
  • Mustangs & Mitchell

This fun event had everything: food, vendors, aircraft collections, and much more.

Linnea and her family had an amazing time at the Paine Field Aviation Day, and hopefully she will see you next year! If you want to see more photos, please check out our Facebook page!

Mukilteo Dental

Did you attend this historic event? Let us know what you think!

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